Hirax - Born in the Streets 1983-1984 LP

Hirax - Born in the Streets 1983-1984 LP

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The best demo in the world of the best band in the world! That's not just my opinion - that's a fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Accept it or leave the hall! When it comes to HIRAX, there's no discussion at all!

For the very first time ever, the legendary HIRAX demo has been officially(!) released on Vinyl (the 7" back then wasn't official!) by FOAD Recs., and contains as special bonus 3 early unreleased tracks and also the demo from the times when they used to walk the streets as "L.A. Kaos"! Can it get any better?!?!?! Yes... the LP comes along with a nice booklet incl. many rare pics, liner-notes etc... I have been waiting for this since forever!!!! Highly recommended for everyone and a fukkin mandatory must have, you fukk!!!

Black Vinyl and limited on 400 copies, ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Italy Import***


New Hirax interview will be featured in the upcoming second issue of Bestial Desecration Fanzine!

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