Bestial Desecration Fanzine - #3 + Bonus Zine & Poster

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Destruktion Recs. proudly presents the third issue of the BESTIAL DESECRATION Zine! The preparation for this issue took a little longer than expected, as the interviews became even longer and thus the bands needed more time to answer as well then, but the wait was worth it! This issue contains extensive in-depth interviews on 96 pages with:

-Goat Semen
-Hellish Crossfire
-Vomit of Doom
-Hell Desecrator
-Inferno Requiem
-Raped God 666
-Dark Mystery
-Infernal Execrator
-A special interview with "Wang" of the legendary "666 Rock Shop/Area Death Prod." in China!
-Four new "Blast from the Past"-Articles about some killer Bands from the East-Bloc
-A few selected Record/Fanzine-Reviews
-2 Posters (Sadistic Intent/Vomitor)

Also this issue contains a special Bonus-Zine (12 pages) with the last and exclusive interview with "Ramón Reinaldo Restrepo" about his former legendary colombian Ultra Metal Band "PARABELLUM"!!!

The Zines and Posters are all pro-printed and completely written in english!!! Limited to 300 copies, only!
Keep the old spirit alive and never obey to modern shit! Only printed is real!


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