Bonehunter - Rabid Sonic Fire Tape

Bonehunter - Rabid Sonic Fire Tape

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Finlands most active Underground Metalpunk Warriors!!! True Attitude and Spirit till Death, these guys would even survive WWIII and record new killer stuff, promise! This Tape-Compilation is a collection of the band's various 7" EP's and unreleased tracks from 2012-2014.

21 Traxxx in total, fukkers!!!

1-7 from Turn Up the Evil EP.
8 from 7" split with Sabbat.
9-14 previously unreleased.
15-18 from Sex & Necromancy EP.
19-20 from 7” split with Shitfucker.
21 from We Worship Desaster.

Official Tape-Release by Basement Recs.

***Malaysia Import***


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