The Word Keeps Turning Fanzine - #2

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A new fanzine from the UK, the second issue already! Pro-printed and completely written in english, "T.W.K.T."-Fanzine is a mix of different contents, which start from interviews with:

-My Diying Bride
-Morbid Angel
-Cannibal Corpse
-The Infernal Sea
-Maggot Stomp

... up to Gig/Roadstories with: Acid Reign, Xentrix, Ron Quintana (Metal Mania Fanzine), some other crazy stuffs like one-question hits (sound bites) with Memoriam, Extreme Noise Terror (a quite long story hehe) , Biohazard, Gorerotted... AND a re-print of an original interview with Metallica, which was taken (with permission) from the 'Metal Mania' Fanzine from 1983 and done straight after moment, when 'Dave Mustaine' got kicked out!!! Historical gold! And a story called "A trip to LA's Sunset Strip Music Festival" (How NOT to do an Interview)...

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