Hatevomit/Nunslaughter - Split 7"EP

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And so we meet again... once again, another split of the restless split-ep machine "Nunslaughter" (who holds up the record next to Abigail and Sabbat), this time with the turkish black/death commando "Hatevomit"!!! Both bands deliever two hymns of merciless blasphemy and especially in case of Hatevomit (active since 2009), I pay the band total respect for keeping up their work and attitude even during the (now even worse) heavy times in their country (cheers to "Unholy Nuklear Terrorist", wherever you are my friend! keep the old flame burning!!!) - Nunslaughter does, what Nunslaughter does best: Raping your ears and neck with killer Underground Death Metal tunes the morbid and devastating way!!! Straight into your guts! All in all in a killer Split, which more bands should do again!!! 7" Splits are the real deal!!!

Official release by Blasphemous Art Prod., black waxxx incl. Poster!!!

***Italy Import***

(I have no idea, why someone put up the entire EP on youtube?! but well... those who don't believe me, can give it a listen "there"...)


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