Oldschool Metal Maniac Zine - #19 (ENG Version)

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Since the "Oldschool Metal Maniac Zine" started to appear as an "only polish-written zine" on a regular base, each new published english-edition is like a celebration to me!!! This one is simply THE BEST Metal Magazine available on this rotten earth, printed in A4 size with one of the best layouts since issue #1(!!!) this zine contains its very own aura and radical dedication towards the only thing that's real...  the perfect mix of oldschool veterans and radical underground legions has been achieved once more again! Interviews were done with:

-Tom G. Warrior (Hellhammer/Celtic Frost/Tryptikon)
-At War
-Axe Crazy
-Death Angel
-Violent Dirge...

Also features lots of nice reviews again and 3 double sided posters of: RAZOR/MORBID ANGEL/CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER/SLAYER/CARNIVORE

Total Support is the law, buy this fukker or die by the sword!!! Let's be honest, all "bigger zines" only deliever the same boring shit anyway with interviews, that only scratch the surface of the matter... who cares about their journalistic education, if there's no blood and spirit behind their work?! And that's the point, where a zine like "Oldschool Metal Maniac" or also the "Metalegion" Zine are jumping in! Highest quality in print and layout, very dedicated interviews with bigger and new bands while radically refusing any kinds of modern bullshit "genres"! Wake up and support the true ones, who share the same passion and dedication... only printed is real! Forever Underground!!!

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