Hellfukking Metal Fanzine - #4

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The fourth issue will bring fukkin tears of pride and strength to your eyes, as it seems that time is standing still while reading through these killer pages of purest underground metal!!! Killer Cut'n'Paste style, lots of Distro-/Label-/Band-flyers (the good ones, no space-holders!!!) and the most important: Excellent interviews!!! No pseudo intelligent bullshit, no surface-scratching... Die Hard Maniac & Editor "Deathexecutioner" has kept the old fires of the underground high and strong and so are his interviews with the mighty hordes of:

-Dark Messiah
-Nocturnal Vomit
-Obscure Burial
-Diabolical Demon Director
-Jim Tsallos
-Hierophant's Descent
-Complete Necro Zine

Also the zine contains many killer reviews for records and zines (and not the typical ones who got hype by every shit zine but rather REAL underground stuff) and got printed on sick A4-size, which him left a lot of space for tons of info about less-known underground gems from the past and present and the one or another surprise! Buy this fukker or die - total support for HELLFUKKIN METAL ZINE!!!

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