Bunker 66 - Beyond the Help of Prayers LP

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The very best Black/Thrash album of this fukkin year - it will be very hard to top this, seriously!!!
Bunker66 just beated their own standards and even (in my opinion) made it, to return the old feeling from their "Out of the Bunker" EP, but in a fresh and high energetic way!!! Every single track is a merciless headcracker of its own!!! This album is pure power and spirit, a killer gem of the Underground and a monumental cenotaph for the black-thrash legions!!! I recommend, I brutally recommend to grab a copy blindly and just let hit your face with maximum power while playing it on maximum volume!!!!

Official LP-Version incl. Poster, Lyric-Sheet & Postcard by Dying Victims Prod. (black waxxx!!!)


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