Obskure - Opression in Obscurity 7"EP

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Official resurrection of the brazilian death metal demo "Opression on Obscurity" (1992) of OBSKURE!!!
This ain't something you'll find everywhere nor is it anything "very well-known"... this is some real, sick-ass, raging death metal from the dirty pits of brazil!!!

No sweden-copycat or anything at all... this is the real, raw(!) face of underground death metal from south america!!!
A true gem, which also marks a welcome alternative towards all the other "demo resurrections" of already super-wellknown bands (who've already had countless re-releases every year)... fukk the collectors - calling on the maniacs: This is something truely killer for your ears to bleed in pain and pleasure!!! Witness the difference and victory of real, honest, sick and truely raging metal over plastic noise of poppy trend suckers!!! HAIL OBSKURE!!

(Mega thanks to my friend Lima for bringing over some copies from Brazil, YOU RULE MANIAC!!)



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