Because of your Fashion... there is our... AGGRESSIONS!!!

New Speed Metal Killer-EP by the mighty "SPHINX" will be released on MC this winter!
For more info and news keep an eye on the blog:




"NEBIROS - El Lider de los Caidos" Tapes are finally OUT NOW!!!


For more information, general news and stuff, check up the website:

All orders will be only accepted through the webstore!


It took me a while, but now it's finally been done: A new official "website" has been created for DESTRUKTION RECORDS, where are all label- and fanzine related news will be announced from now on!!!

Fukk off fakebook and all the other shitty "social media"-slavery shit and their bullshit rules of whimpy censorship and stupid comments of show-off faggs and posers! I can only recommend it, to (ab)use such a blog as a simple website instead of obeying to shitty fakebook and stuff!!!!!! Stay independent!!!

Return the true flame of metal towards its origin... Underground!!! Support the Iron Legion!



Total independence has always been a key-element of the real Underground Spirit - while kneeling and sucking balls are definitely not!!!

What happened lately between SPHINX and the Organiser of the KEEP IT TRUE Fest was something inevitable, that sooner or later had to happen anyway, something I was hoping for to happen someday soon and I'm glad to see, that finally one band (Sphinx) had the fire and courage within to reveal the true face behind the iron curtain of so called "legendary cult festivals", which I've never considered to be real metal events at all anymore due to their (nowadays) extremely huge sizes, profit-oriented ideology and ways of very modern and extremely public promotion! Metal is Underground, everything else is just music for business! In fact, the chosen "way of how to express their anger" by Sphinx might be arguable,... but they had their serious reasons, which were far beyond the thing with the "extremely limited drinking coupons"! Finally, the most important fact about all this is actually, that they stood their fukkin ground and did NOT tolerate every shit (which seems to be so normal to so many others all out of sudden?), just because they're a "small and new underground band"!!!

...For whose advantage?

Further, I have noticed a certain "game of power"-mentality rising during the last 10-years, which is now stronger than ever and mainly played by "big magazine editors" & "big festival organizers", who consider themselves being "total cult and living legends" (it's already too much with all the poser wanna-be "rock stars" from certain "bands"!) and thus expect from everyone else to worship them or die - no matter what stupidities they do, no matter what kind of bullshit they say, it's always "right, cult & so cool" and people have to agree with it - disagreements are not tolerated or simply don't exist in their worlds?!... They preach words of "union, equality, support and respect" but in the end THEIR benefit and advantage for their egos and for their pockets are all that truely matter to them! And if you do not obey and suck their dicks as well, you simply do not exist in their world! But true respect can't be forced nor demanded, the same relates to acceptance or popularity. Some respect you, some don't... that's the normal way of life, so deal with it and don't play your "game of power" like a dictator crybaby and blame those, who have realized who you really are! The latest acts have spoken loud and clear: It's only about business and ego-fame!... for a (once respected) small metal festival, that propably started with a real vision and passion, but whose name has seemingly turned into a big reminder and warning-shield for the organizer himself during the last years! (Anyone remembers the mighty HIRAX show from 2007 at the back then much smaller KIT #9? THAT was the real deal back then!) ...SO MANY TIMES, IT HAPPENED TOO FAST... YOU'VE CHANGED YOUR PASSION FOR "PROFIT"!!!

Stand and be counted... fight for your right!

For years people kept asking, why I call them to support the "Underground Resistance" and here's the damn reason for it: Stand your ground, defend your honor and especially your independence!!! Shit like "a band should be thankfull to receive 2-4 beers and a place to stay for a show at THIS or THAT big festival" are words of weak, asslicking poser-bands without honor, who'd even eat their dads ass, if that'd be demanded to play on their stage! For sure, a certain level of respect is mandatory, but from both sides and definitely without cocksucking! No matter if "Bands, Organisers, Zine-Editors, Label-Owners"... the title doesn't mean any shit... finally only one thing matters: are you Heavy Metal Hunter? Are you Heavy Metal Maniac?? Are you truely practicing what you preach?!

A matter of (morbid) faith and true loyalty!

Those who know Sphinx for more than just one day (and especially not only by social media posts) do know, that they truely "are" instead of "pretending to be"! My decision to sign these guys last year and to grant them the opportunity to release their debut-album through Destruktion Records was based on solid, iron confindence, trust and respect which reflects strongly between both parties. Each decision I made for the label, has always been based on the mission of preserving the true Underground Flame, Spirit and Traditions - nothing more, nothing less! "Friendships", "Favours" or stupid chances for personal "Fame" will never corrupt the iron spirit, the burning passion and strong vision, which I've sworn and dedicated my life to - nor will it ever infect the eternal mission of Destruktion and Bestial Desecration! The same radicalism has been found within Sphinx - the same burning passion, the same values, the same loyalty, the same urge to support the real Underground and its Spirit! (Something, that I can definitely not say about the KIT...)

As seen in the past, all labels would cancel the 'deals' now, trying to get rid off the "unpleasant thorn" on their path, just to save their reputation in order to keep the sales high $$$... Eat lead!!! This is it, Underground Metal is anti-trend, unpopular, independent and too loud for the crowd!!! Fukk off popularity, business pigs and "being everybody's favorite"-mentality! Nice boys don't play rock'n'roll... whimps and posers shall leave the hall! Only the chosen ones by ancient spirit will prevail, so one thing shall be clear: DESTRUKTION RECORDS IS AN UNDERGROUND LABEL... AND WILL REMAIN PROUDLY IN LEAGUE WITH SPHINX!!!

No Surrender... No Retreat! Only the Strong and Crush the Weak!
Spirit above all... forever Underground!!!

AND YES... The fukkin Deathstroke Tape is finally OUT NOW!!!
Available as regular Tape and limited "SPEED METAL POWERPACK" incl. Metal Pin, Sticker, Poster & Fanzine!!!




The first promo-tape of the mexican blackened speed/thrash metal horde NECROHAMMER has just been unleashed to herald the arrival and sound of the bestial necro metal underground force!!! A new radical blasphemic force, which has chosen to follow the same ancient path of traditional extreme metal... the time has come to face the evil!!!


Interested Distros: Get in touch for the master-files... DIY or DIE!!!
Spread the fire or DIE IN FIRE!!!

30. October 2021

After several months of unexpected difficulties (especially the tax-shit story), the album got finally released on Tape by Destruktion Records and comes also with an exclusive, new artwork (Special thanks to my loyal brother in arms "Miguel Entenebrecer"/Ente Arte y Diseno) and a 6-Page Cover which includes all lyrics, too!!!

Finally, this release became the right one to finish this crazy year and the ten years anniversary of the label, due to the fact that the final result reflected every pillar of the values, which I believe in and which I consider to be essential and immortal elements of the real Underground Spirit! Dedication, Radicalism, Loyalty & Extreme Metal Fanatism! Therefore it's been a great honor for me to work on this final project with truely dedicated and radically underground-devoted maniacs like the guys of Nekkromaniac (Cheers to Akheron!!) and especially Miguel Entenebrecer Laura, who saved the whole project by delievering a sick as fukk artwork for the only thing that's real: The true Underground Spirit!!!

The Tape got released as Regular and Die Hard-Edition since yesterday and I have to announce, that ALL(!!) DIE HARD-EDITIONS ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT!! Eternal shouts of gratitude go out to all the crazy maniacs, who ordered their copy, supported this great band and by that also set a clear sign of victory and real dedication for the Underground!!! Fukk the Modern Times... this shit has been spreaded once again mainly by real mouth- and print-propaganda arghhh! This is the real way of the Iron Underground!!!

Preparations for the upcoming year have also already been made, so all the support from your side won't remain untouched and unused!!! Await the total speed metal armageddon and decibel hellstorm at the day of wrath in January, when the mighty SPHINX strikes!!! Also the newest issue #6 of Bestial Desecration will be finally out by then and both mark only the beginning of the real upcoming terrorizing madness! Fukk off Trendies!!! Spirit above all... Forever UNDERGROUND!

18. October 2021

After the shitty news which hit me lately (tax-bullshit and stuff), I've finally received green light again to continue with the label and distro! My deepest gratitude goes out to my loyal comrade and tax-maniac Felix who saved me from the real big shit(!), same as to all the maniacs who immediately offered me support in their own way to get through this!!! The tax-shitstorm is still about to hit me, but in a "less heavy way" than previously calculated (anyway it's still enough to get me mad!), so the battle ain't over yet...

On the other hand, these changes mean that I'm also finally able to continue as planed with the last release for this year!!! (Nebiros, R'Lyeh and propably also Sphinx had to be postponed by force till next year)


"NEKKROMANIAC - Plague Eater" (2021)*
The first full-length of the german black-thrash force "Nekkromaniac", eight tracks of heavy storming nekkromantical metal damnation in the truest vein of the real Underground Metal Gods!!! Alongside with Sphinx & Boundless Chaos these maniacs have unleashed the most powerfull records of the german underground during this year!!! This is the real, raging hellnoise of devoted underground metal spirits!!!

*The Die Hard-Edition will be released in a special hand-crafted box-set incl. A3-Poster, 3.2cm Badge, Sticker & Biography-sheet!!!

03. October 2021

A short update of some upcoming releases (Sphinx, Rosenfeld) and more will follow soon (Nekkromaniac, Nebiros, R'Lyeh)... massive work in progress! 100% D.I.Y. or die!!!*



Being an "Underground" Band or Label isn't a damn definition of your 'popularity status', but rather a sign of your true dediction, radicalism, spirit and devotion for the real metal cult!!! Especially for labels! The use of the own creativity and forces in order to create something, that stands above the average 'factory-productions', that truely expresses the same energy and feeling by its creator (label-owners)/the one it represents (the mighty bands) same as the one of the maniacs who support them, should always be the highest aim for a real UG label and marks the huge and significant difference to all the mainstream suckers - further, it's not about making the big money here, remember that!!! (Metal for MANIACS, not for Richy Rich Trendsuckers!!!)

Therefore I do not consider any of these "factory-like" tape-making labels who consider themselves to be an UG-Label now, in any way a real "underground label"!!! An "indi-label" mabye, but NOT Underground!!! And NO, it is not right and justified, to charge 7,10,12,...15 Euros for a fukkin' Tape (Speaking about UG releases, only... Major-Bands & Labels have expensive copyrights to pay, I know!)!!! Many other labels, same as my own one, have always found a way to keep the prices fair and low for many years already, while still being able to fulfil our mission for the Underground, so what has changed for the new "labels" now, he?! Some are getting greedy now, right????!!!!! FUKK THEM!!! Don't support the false and pretending poser-sheeps - that also relates to all the bands! Keep your honor clean and don't sign with "any whatever" label, because you didn't find one just after "1 day of searching"...

Tapes, Vinyl and CDs have NEVER disappeared, nor suddenly "returned" (The dedicated Underground Labels kept the shit alive through many decades)!!! So everyone else who's claiming and preaching such a bullshit, is a fukkin Liar and exposed himself a real POSER, a trendsucker who runs as fast as he can into the newest direction, whenever a new wind blows... posers bend with the wind like gras - true maniacs withstand the storm like iron swords!!!

The same relates to all the self-declared 'metal expert' false-preachers on youtube and shit... gay-ass Hipster Rednecks who pretend to support the real metal, but actually are nothing else but trendy clowns, who dragged the name of real metal into dirt with their hipster-attitude and image, false ideologies of a sick society which they try to push into their viewers heads (a society, which we all have turned our backs to, remember?!) and last but not least, actually only try to get "internet-fame" and lots of free records, to put them up on their deluxe-shelf for posing in their videos!!!

Is this the shit, that all of us have fought for? The next logical step and only way of supporting the real underground metal spirit through these modern times? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!! DESTROY THEM ALL!!!!

"Spirit above all... forever Underground!!!"


15. September 2021

The work on the AVZHIA and ARTILLEROS 666 Tapes has finally been finished and everything's packed up now!!! To be released this sunday - also several new killer underground gems have arrived as well and will be added to the distro (Heptameron, Amon, Hellcrash, Fatal Underground Zine, Black Grail, Nocturnal, Profane Order...)!!! 
Each A666 Tape will include a sticker, while the Avzhia Tape will also be available as limited 'Die Hard'-Edition incl. A5 Photocard, A4 Info-sheet (biography), Sticker & Epoxy-Logo Pin!!!!

Last but not least, preparations for two more raging metal killers from the teutonic underground have just started now as well: SPHINX (Deadly Speed Metal) & NEKKROMANIAC (Ripping Deathrash)!!!


The Sphinx Tape will be released at the same day of the LP/CD-Version by Diabolic Might Recs., so this might takes a while longer as I've been told that most of the vinyl-factories are brutally busy and thus creating brutal delays, too... but the wait will be worth it, as there'll be also a limited DIE HARD-Edition of the Sphinx Tape (50 copies, only!) incl. a massive metal-pin, 12-page fanzine, sticker and different Tape-Version (Cover & Tape)!!!

Available very fukkin soon (for a fair price, no expensive shitheadery here!!) - Metal for Maniacs, pure!!! Fukk the greedy rip-off poser-"labels", die out and burn in eternal torment!!!! FOREVER UNDERGROUND!!!

06. September 2021


The end is near, Lucifers Legions of Death are ready for the attack... face the disciples of darkness and obey the tormenting force of the true Underground! The warmach goes on and new releases will see the light very soon:

AVZHIA - The Key of Throne MC
The legendary second opus of the mexican black metal pioneers!
(Regular & Die Hard-Edition - incl. Pin, Photocard & Sticker)

ARTILLEROS 666 - Ex Ignis Reviviscimus MC
Bloody Black/Death Terror from bolivian hell!!!
(Strictly limited edition of 50 copies incl. sticker!)

SPHINX - Deathstroke MC
Teutonic Speed Metal Aggressors!!!
(Regular & Die Hard-Edition - incl. Pin & Sticker)

NEBIROS - El Lider de los Caidos MC
Masters of the radical colombian Black Metal Flame!!!!
(Regular & Die Hard-Edition... t.b.a.!)

R'LYEH - Inside Black Dimension CD
Obscure Death Metal Madness from the mexican hellpits!!!
(Special CD-Version, t.b.a.)

All chosen bands have proved their spirit, loyalty and dedication to the real Underground-Spirit and deserve total support in my opinion - especially for NOT having any shitty ego-problems or rock star-faggitudes!!! 100% Anti-Trend and truely one of a kind!!! Don't repeat blindly the words of shitty MaGAYzines - wake up, get back to the front and destroy all the false ones, who have silently creeped into our territories to spread their false gospels of trendy and weak poison! CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY!!!!!!

Also the print-propanda machine is still roaaarrrrring... so new shit is coming your way, very soon:
(Also watch out for the new killer issues of Ancient Spirit Terror, Old Coffin, Macabre Overdose and the upcoming debut of Dimension of Torment zine!!!)

Total Underground Propaganda + Historical Special-Interview Zine: KRUIZ
Completely written in English, to be printed in A5 size!
(Regular & Die Hard-Edition - incl. Poster & MC)

The ultimate tribute issue to the mighty underground legend from colombian hell!!!
More than 140 questions, tons of extremely rare photos from the bands private-archives, posters, sticker...
(English written, to be printed in A4 size!)

Black Metal Fanzine feat. interviews with:
Ereshkigal, Vampyric Tyrant, Winterfullmoon, Effroi, Ghoul, Sacrilegious Rite...
(Written in german!!!)


23. August 2021

The webstore is back again and I'm slowly recovering finally, thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding (Whenever I said that this world's making me sick, I was actually never joking ok...)! While being forced to sit and rest for almost a week while not being allowed to fukkin stand up or move at all, I've been able (at least) to use the free time to work on the fanzine (the working process on issue #6 is slowly coming to an end, arghh!)...


Further, while enjoying all the shitty pain in my leg and fukkin spine, I remembered all the mail-storms of the last years where maniacs were asking about the old Kreator "Endless Pain" Poster, which has been printed yeaaars ago in big size. Well, good news: I've re-printed it finally (slightly revised for a better result)!!! These big ones will arrive in approx 4-5 days, so watch out if you still want to have one of them... NO RESERVATIONS! 

Size: 84,1 x 59,4cm
Price: 3,00€


Further, new tapes will be released in a very few weeks (mighty AVZHIA and the merciless ARTILLEROS 666) soon as well and new plans and pacts have already been sealed for the next year... more news will follow soon!!!



04. August 2021
THE ARRIVAL OF THE TRUE EMPERORS! Let the storm never end...

As the amount of shitty and expensive trend-releases this year has seemingly grown towards infinity (while all the real and dedicated productions, also their bands and labels are just being left completely ignored on the streets?!), all plans had to be changed by force in order to keep the real iron flame of true underground radicalism alive: Once again and as always, total support to the real UG labels (the answer for your questions why I do not distribute this or that "so hot" new record... but rather stuff of bands, which are less known yet but bear the true fire and strength within!) and also by driving up the own forces of the label to the fukkin' maximum!... thus, many more releases will be unleashed earlier (which means: already this year instead of the next one) than previously planed - and still for the same fair prices as before!!!


-HIRAX - El Rostro de la Muerte MC (SOLD OUT!!!)

-AVZHIA - The Key of Throne MC
-NEBIROS - El Lider de los Caidos MC
-ARTILLEROS 666 - Ex Ignis Reviviscimus MC (Exclusive Promo-Tape, lim. to 50 copies incl. Sticker!)

More to be announced soon... eternal grattitude to the mighty hordes, the chosen ones and the radical maniacs for the loyal and bestial support through all the years!!! Forever Underground - Spirit above all!!!

01. August 2021


The new EP "WitchSlutHaunt" of the peruvian Underground Horde PERVERSE RITES contains five hymns of storming black-thrash devastation in the most traditional south american vein and became a strong emissary for the peruvian Underground Hell-Legions!!! The mighty horde of Perverse Rites has walked a hard path since their formation in 2010, thus the newest EP gathered all the forces and experiences of the past years to an ultimate outburst of blasphemy and satanic lust, known as "WitchSlutHaunt"!!! An essential element, which guided P.R. since the beginning is and has always been the honesty and true devotion to the real underground cult, which has been pushed into all of their creations... which also made the huge difference and separation from all the other faceless clown bands of today, who seemingly care more about their image than their music and message!! Perverse Rites marches high above all of them!!! Spirit above all!

The "DIE HARD"-Edition contains:

-"WitchSlutHaunt" EP-MC
-"Rehearsal MMXIX" MC (incl. bonus studio-track "Morbosa Posesión")
-Special 2MC-Case
-Insertsheet with Lyrics
-T-Shirt (S-XXL)
-Badge -Sticker
-A3 Poster 

This Set is limited to 50 packages (hand-numbered), only!!! (T-Shirts are silkscreen printed on Gildan - Heavy Cotton Shirts!)  Perverse Rites represent, what the real Underground Spirit and Morbid Faith is all about! Honesty, Loyalty, Extremity and absolute Dedication for the only thing that's real!!! (Detailed Interview will be published in Bestial Desecration Zine #6!!!)



Further, as the bloody hordes of the underground are uniting once again, I can proudly announce that another aggressive black-death beast from south america has joined the legions of Destruktion on the infernal warpath: ARTILLEROS 666!!!

We've got in contact, We share the same visions and attitude, We've sealed the pact with Blood!
A special Tape-Release will follow in a very weeks entitled "Ex Ignis Reviviscimus", containing a compilation of their promo and demo-tracks incl. one exclusive bonus track!!! This release will be limited to only 50 copies (incl. sticker) as it actually wasn't planed to add more releases to the already set-up plan for this year... but the underground-attitude and radicalism of Artilleros 666 (and especially of axeman/hellpreacher "Miguel", who also did the artwork for Bestial Desecration zine #6) same as their musical creations are simply too killer and real, so this tape has to be done at all costs... no fukkin matter the costs... whatever it may takes!!! To be released in approx 3-4 weeks for real underground die hards, only!!!


28. July 2021

Seven infernal years after its original release by the mighty Necrolust Records, the magnificent third album "El Líder de los Caidos" of the colombian black metal legion "NEBIROS" will finally be re-released on Cassette through Destruktion Records, this year!!! More news will follow soon...


The personal high significance of this release doesn't relate to the "popularity" of Nebiros within the Underground realms, but rather and only to the iron radicalism, loyalty and spirit of defiance which Nebiros are living for more than three black decades already!!! To be in league with this mighty horde from the southern black lands means the highest honor and this flame will be shared with the chosen ones, only!!! FUKK OFF TRENDIES - SPIRIT ABOVE ALL!!!

-15. July 2021

No time to waste!!! After a month of silence, it's time to strike back with full force and lots of news!!!... while moving literally 'underground' for a month, new pacts have been sealed and the warmachine kept on marching in the shadows!!! Besides of several new arriveals such as records and zines (more will follow soon), I've prepared as much as possible for all upcoming assaults so for now it's just a matter of days to unleash the mighty war-beast of HOLOCAUSTO W.M., PERVERSE RITES, HIRAX and more...

HOLOCAUSTO W.M. - Batismo de Fogo (preview below) will be out in approx. 1 week, same as HIRAX - El Rostro de la Muerte Tapes!!!


The Tape-Version of the peruvian Black-Thrash Holocaust Assaulters of PERVERSE RITES will follow approx. 1-2 weeks after and several more special releases for truely dedicated and radical forces of the Underground will follow soon as well...


Took a while to gather all the money for it, but here it finally is!!!
Although there were a lot of Magnus Shirts coming up all out of sudden by different labels (and right after the MC and LP-release by El Abismo Recs. and D.R.), I'm proud to present the first Magnus Shirt with the original MIL-Cover in an exclusive design, which is NOT the average "artwork-in-a-circle"-shit!!! It took me a long time to get it done, but here it is now... limited to 100 shirts, only! High quality 5-colour silkscreen-print on Gildan Shirts (Heavy Cotton).



The Underground Compilation-Tape "Vengeance of Hell" has finally been unleased, containing the boundless fury and savage madness of 21 forces from all over the world!!! The price has been set on 2,50€, as this tape was made for promotional reasons, ONLY!!! Interested Distros can hit me up for the master-files... the more get spread, the better!!! Keep the shit within the Underground and support the chosen ones! Also the fourth volume of the mighty "An Eternal Kingdom of Fire" by Ancient Cult Recs. has finally reached me (a brutal compilation once again), which is now available at the distro as well!!!



The sixth issue of BESTIAL DESECRATION has almost been finished, several new bands have been gathered for this issue while others got kicked out for once again, leaving nothing but empty shitty promises!!! No time, no mercy and no support for such a shitheadery!!!

So here's the final line of loyal allies, truely dedicated and uncompromising as fukk!!!



-13. June 2021



Limited to 200 copies - The long-awaited debut album of the masters of Ancient Metal Darkness from Germany!!!

The Tape is limited to 200 copies in total (100 Regular & 100 available in the 2-MC Box)
Once again, do NOT buy this tape if you only want to "collect" it!!! I didn't rip my ass off for all these tapes just to see them standing around on someone's shelf, while true tape-maniacs are forced to leave with empty hands...!!!

Limited to 200 copies - The mighty Trilogy of the german beast of Hades!!!

-Unchained from the Crypt (2015)
-Eye of the Pantheon (2015)
-Fierce Alliance (2016)
(incl. bonus-track "Gone down in Flames")

This Tape is especially recommended for all those maniacs and bangers, who missed out the chance to grab the EPs back then! Fukk the "Collectors"... be true and don't buy it, if you don't listen to it at all!!

This Box-Set contains the ultimate collection of Eurynomos: The Trilogy MC + From the Valleys of Hades MC!

Under the sign of the 10th anniversary of Destruktion Records, this Die Hard-Set is a tribute to the ancient metal spirit, which Eurynomos has proudly defended since their formation through several releases, which all got gathered in this set now and shall be only an exclusive release for all true Eurynomos-Maniacs, who understood and believe in the same radical traditions of metallic mayhem & darkness!!! Fukk Posers, Trendies and Hype-riders!!! ...Only for true believers!!

The Die Hard-Set is limited to 100 boxes and contains:
-The Trilogy MC + From the Valleys of Hades MC, hosted in a special Metal Box
-A3 Poster
-Trilogy Lyricsheet/Biography
-From the Valleys of Hades - Lyricbook (stamped leather-cover)

ATTENTION!!! Only 1-2 boxes per order, maximum (unless I know you personally!!) otherwise the order gets cancelled!!! Don't be a shithead...!!! Fukk Collectors and Fukk Re-Sellers!!!!!!!!

Limited to 150 copies - The new Tape-EP of the teutonic black metal force ILLUM ADORA feat. 4 new hymns of medieval darkness!!!

Besides of the four tracks, a special Behemoth-Cover of "Blackvisions of the Almighty" has been recorded as bonus, which matches perfectly into the atmosphere and magic of this record!!!

Two different versions available!!!

DIE HARD (lim. 50 copies):
-Tape + Metal Box
-A3 Poster
-Epoxy Pin
-Lyric-Sheet (A4-size)

REGULAR (lim. 100 copies):
-Lyric-sheet (A5)

Limited to 200 copies - The second edition of the already sold out "Demo 1991"! Sick & fast-ripping Thrash Metal Assault from Japan!!!

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAPANESE-FANS please get in touch with ROSENFELD to order your copies!!! A big amount of tapes (regular & die hard-boxes) will be shipped to the band, as they want to make sure that japanese maniacs can get the same chance to have their copies for a fair price (no expensive import, ebay/discogs rip-off, or fukks like that!!!)... so support the ones, who truely appreciated your support for more than 3 decades already!!!


Several new records have finally arrived and even more is yet to come, so watch out!!!
Also new pacts have been sealed, so await some raging news soon...
Last but not least, another DIY-Tape Compilation will be released in 1-2 weeks, following the same goal and stragedy of the "Tyrani Piekieł"-Tapes: Spreading the true noise of the metallic underground troops under one banner: "VENGEANCE OF HELL"!!! 20 rmerciless Killers of raging Blackened/Death-Thrash and Satanic Speed have been gathered from all over the world (Russia, Germany, Ecuador, Thailand, Italy, Peru, Poland, Chile, Indonesia, Sweden...) The tape will be offered for 2,50€ only to cover the costs, interested distros can hit me up by mail to receive all necessary audio- and print-material for free!!! Spread the word and practice what you preach!!! More details and info will be announced soon...



-05. June 2021

While working on the last parts of the releases for Eurynomos & Illum Adora, the exclusive epoxy-pins have finally arrived alongside with the Holocausto War Metal Crosses, which will be available with the Tape very soon!!! (Illum Adora & Eurynomos will both be released next weekend!) Don't ask for pre-orders... just keep your eyes open on this page! The FB-page will be deleted completely, so don't search for news on that shitty place!


Also another DIY-Tape Compilation will be released in 1-2 weeks, following the same goal and stragedy of the "Tyrani Piekieł"-Tapes: Spreading the true noise of the metallic underground troops under one banner: "VENGEANCE OF HELL"!!! 14 Killers of raging Blackened/Death-Thrash and Speed have already been chosen and several more shall follow soon from all over the world (Russia, Germany, Ecuador, Thailand, Italy, Peru, Poland, Chile, Sweden...) The tape will be offered for 2,50€ only to cover the costs, interested distros can hit me up by mail to receive all necessary audio- and print-material for free!!! Spread the word and practice what you preach!!! More details and info will be announced soon...

Running an "Underground Label" doesn't mean just to pay a factory to produce your shit and that's it... and supporting the underground doesn't mean just to order stuff for "collecting it on your shelf"... it takes ACTS and not empty words, so get your lazy ass up, write zines and newsletters, copy tapes and spread the fire of metal madness!!!

-23. May 2021

Another small preview for a part of the upcoming Tapes for Illum Adora & Eurynomos!!! 50% finished... folding and crafting non-stop! Hopefully everything will be ready in 1-2 weeks (further I'm still waiting for two more essential elements for both releases). It's total dedication, DIY or DIE! FOREVER UNDERGROUND!!!


Also the new issue #12 for the MORBID FAITH NEWSLETTER has finally been finished and will be printed now... available for free in a few days! All allies will receive the print-files these days automatically! Interested and honest supporters can hit me up by email and I'll send you the files as well... support and spread the true underground propaganda, 'cause only printed is real!!!!

This issue became a special issue with 24 pages this time, feat. lots of biographies, reviews and also 3 mini-interviews (Witchtrap, Bunker66 & Vendul)!!! Hopefully the next issue will be published a little faster again...


Last but not least, the 14 infernal legions for the "In Divine Embrace of the Dying Light" Vol. 8 have finally been chosen... more info coming soon! support the Underground!!!

-13. May 2021

Massive work in progress! Illum Adora, Eurynomos & the second run of the Rosenfeld Tapes will be released in approx. 2-3 weeks,... here's a small preview! (Expect a massive Eurynomos Box! Total DIY-Madness!!!)


-03. May 2021

Beware the ultimate warstrike!!! Thanks to all the massive support during the last months, some new Tape-Releases are already coming very soon:

EURYNOMOS - From the Valleys of Hades MC
EURYNOMOS - The Trilogy MC
ILLUM ADORA - Infernum et Necromantium MC
ROSENFELD - Demo 1991 MC *Second Version*

(With a massive delay, the announced Eurynomos & Illum Adora Tapes will finally be released in a very few weeks - nonetheless the long 'waiting time' hasn't been left unused and the result will be worth the long wait... right after, the debut-album of the brasilian Warmonger 'Holocausto W.M.'* will follow!!!)



*For those who didn't know yet: Holocausto has officially split up a while ago... therefore Valerio "Exterminator" has decided to continue with a new line-up under the banners of "Holocausto War Metal" to keep the raw sound and spirit of real WAR METAL alive!!! Check the official  propaganda-video for the mighty warhymn 'GUERRA':



-01. May 2021

I WAS WATCHING MY DEATH!!! Bestial Desecration "MAGNUS"-Special to be published next week...
Limited to 100 copies, 20 pages (A4-size) incl. double-sided A3 Poster!!!

The second part (1990-2019) of the in-depth interview with Rob Bandit (Magnus). Focusing on the time-period of 1990 - 2019, this interview-part carves even deeper into the private history of Rob and grants a very unique and honest insight into his life, the struggles, the depression and especially decisions & influences as a musician and beyond, after the sudden impact of "success" for Magnus - which almost led the band to their final death... but also to a strong resurrection and preservation of the inner flame!!!

The whole interview (especially this part of it) was one of the most intense, bloody honest and personal conversations I've ever had and I do highly recommend this interview to all the Magnus Maniacs out there in order to see and understand the complete magnificence, power and honesty of this unique band!



-28. April 2021

+++"ROSENFELD DEMO 1991" T-Shirts coming soon...!!!+++
All "Die Hard Box-Sets" are sold out!!!! Also I'm down to the very last copy of the regular tape... thanks so much for your massive support!!! That's truely incredible and same as the band, I'm brutally thankfull for all the support! As many maniacs have asked for it, a limited run of official T-Shirts (50 pcs) will be printed now and should be available in approx 2-3 weeks! Silkscreen printed, 2-colour "Fruit of the Loom - Heavy Weight" T-Shirts!!! All sizes will be available from S - XXXL!!! Also a second version of the tapes will be sent into production very soon, so interested labels and distros get in touch for trades and wholesales!!!


-22. April 2021

I'm proud to announce, that the "ROSENFELD - Demo 1991" Tapes will be officially released next week finally (a very few last changes and new ideas caused the small delay, but I think they were worth it, you'll see... or maybe not ha)! A big amount of regular and die-hard tapes will be shipped to ROSENFELD directly so all japanese maniacs should get in touch with them as soon as possible to save on shipping-costs and to support the band, who truely appreciate the support of their fans on a very high level!!!

Some details about the box-set:
As mentioned before, this release is also part of the limited "metal-box series", which will be only produced during this year due to the 10th anniversary of the label and as a sign of dedication towards the real metal underground! Also as Rosenfeld walks among my absolute favorites of extreme metal madness, the personal honor to work on such a production with such a dedicated and honest band was crazy and simply awesome, thus the result ended up in a special Die Hard-Version, which consists of:

-Metal Box (A5)
-Demo 1991 Tape
-Photo-Fanzine (28 pages, full-colour with liner-notes of Youichi & Hisayoshi)
-A2 Poster (42 x 59,4cm)
-Badge (3.2cm)
-Photocards (5x)
-Flyer Reprints (3x)
-Stripe Patch (woven, 19.5 x 4.5cm)


The Tape is limited to 300 copies in total, while only 100 of them will be available as a box-set, so rather be quick!!! Thanks for the killer support - all gathered forces will be used for the next upcoming assaults of Eurynomos, Illum Adora, Holocausto War Metal, R'lyeh, Sacrilegious Rite, Magnus, Witchtrap and more... watch out, beware!!!

-03. April 2021

Thanks for your massive killer support!!! Last copies can be ordered from the bands directly, so strike fast!!!
In approx. 3 weeks the ROSENFELD Tapes will be finally ready, watch out!!!

Tons of copies (regular tapes & also die hard-boxes) will go straight to the band who will sell their copies to the japanese maniacs only, so you can save on shipping and support the band directly! Most important for us (me and the band) is the fact, that this demo re-release was exclusively made for the real fans and die hard maniacs of Rosenfeld so it's even more important that the japanese maniacs get their copies as they deserve!


-27. March 2021


A short preview for the upcoming DIE HARD-Version of ROSENFELD's "Demo 1991" Tape!!! 85% of the whole production has already been finished, thanks to all the underground maniacs for your support of Destruktion Records, which made this very special release coming true! More info coming very soon... stay tuned and support the Underground!
(Don't ask for Pre-Orders!!! The boxes will be up, when they're ready...)

-A5 Metal-Box
-5x Photocards
-A2 Poster
-3.2cm Badge
-Stripe-Patch (woven)
-3x Flyers
-28 Page Fanzine (rare and unpublished photos in full-colour)

The Tape will be limited to only 300 copies - 100 of them as 'Die Hard'-Box (Label/Band-Exclusive!)


Next upcoming releases of the 10th anniversary-box-series will be:
-ILLUM ADORA - Infernum et Necromantium Tape
-EURYNOMOS - From the Valles of Hades Tape*
-EURYNOMOS - The Trilogy Tape*
-HOLOCAUSTO WAR METAL - Batismo de Fogo Tape
-R'LYEH - Inside Black Dimension CD (special edition)

*From the Valleys of Hades & The Trilogy will be released as regular tapes and also 2MC-Metal-Box incl. some special bonus stuff...

PS: The reason why I decided to do such Metal-Boxes this year was only and absolutely only because of the 10th anniversary of the label and my personal sign of dedication towards the real underground flame and its loyal followers. This is not about any stupid trend that's been going on for several years now nor about making "the big money" (check the prices and you'll realize it!)...!!!

-10. March 2021


The first elements of the upcoming "ROSENFELD - Demo 1991" Tape/Box have already arrived (Photocards, Stickers and Fanzines) and more parts will arrive during this week (A2 Posters, Metal-Boxes, Tape-Covers)... here's a small preview of what to fukkin' expect!!! The entire box will also contain (besides of the tape) a 3,2cm badge, a woven stripe-patch (the first official patch ever, I guess?!) and three re-prints of original promo-flyers!!! More info following soon... thanks to all the radical Underground Defenders for your killer support (especially for the TRUPI SWAD Boxes, which are almost sold out already!!!), which helped a fukkin lot on the production so far to grant one of the most intense thrash bands ever from japan this massive release!!! Watch out for the next 1-2 months... the real madness is yet to come!!!


-02. March 2021-


In a few days I'll finally receive the ultimate BATHORY issue of the best Metal Magazine of all times: OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC!!! Once again proving all "new world slaves" wrong and delievering the most radical collection of information, exclusive interviews and whatnot about the mighty and only true BATHORY!!!


Marching on upon the old paths, a new poster has just been released as well (and it took me hell of years to find and finally edit that damn heptagram in such a good quality!!!) to pay tribute to another legendary force from the helvetic abyss... are you morbid?

Last but not least, I will also finally receive a huge amount of tapes from the mighty 'Dark Ritual Recs.' with tons of new, radical Underground Black Metal hordes the next days!!! Fukk Trends... and sharpen the blades again!!!


-23. February 2021-


10 years of Destruktion... ten years of madness, strength and chaos!!! As it's the 10th year in battle for the Underground under the banner of Destruktion Records, a few selected releases will be unleashed as a limited metal-box set as part of an exclusive 'series' only for this year as a tribute and personal homage to the radical underground spirit and feeling; these boxes were exclusively made for all those who remained loyal and radical, who never cut corners and who didn't fell into the trend-traps of today and who still hail the true flame of real metal! No expensive shittery... fukk the galactic tape-prices of today!!! The sign of TRUPI SWAD is just the beginning... (Rosenfeld, Holocausto, Eurynomos, R'Lyeh and Illum Adora will follow!)


Also another big package of purest Underground Black Metal Tapes will arrive in a few days; same as the long-awaited "BATHORY"-Special issue of the one and only true OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC Zine and many other records and stuff... SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!

-30. January 2021-


The exclusive cover-artwork for the official re-issue of the Rosenfeld Demo from 1991 has just been finished by the bloody hands of the underground artist 'May Witchhammer', who did a magnificent artwork far beyond the expectations!!! Eternal thanks for this killer job!!! At this point I'd also like to remember that it's NOT only about 'big names', when it comes to the decision of "who to take" for a cover-artwork - but rather real spirit and attitude which strikes hand in hand with the talent in order to create something truely unique! This is the true force of the Underground!!!

The Tape will be released in two different versions (Regular & special Die Hard*) this year... more info will follow soon.


*Due to the fact, that it's the 10th anniversary of Destruktion Records this year, several releases will be unleashed as a special 'Die Hard'-Version, which will be only available this year. These Die Hard-Versions are part of a small metal-box series, with different contents related to the bands (strictly limited to 50 - 100 copies, only!). Chosen ones of the series will be: ROSENFELD, HOLOCAUSTO, EURYNOMOS, TRUPI SWAD, ILLUM ADORA and R'LYEH... these (DIY) box-sets shall represent the devotion, defense and destructive force of the Underground for which Destruktion Records was founded for, same as all the other true Underground labels who still kept up the fight to this day!!! 100%  ANTI-COLLECTOR!!! 100% SPIRIT!!!


-18. January 2021-


An official Poster (REQVIEM) for the colombian Death Metal Medallo Masters "MASACRE" will be released next week through Destruktion Records! Limited Edition - Several copies will be available from the band as well...


-13. January 2021-


After lots of delays by the vinyl-factory and several other shit, the split EP between the US Deathrash legend Funeral Nation and the south american beast Vomit of Doom has finally been unleashed in two different versions incl. Stickers, Interview/Biography-sheets, Poster, Photo-card etc...
The idea behind this release (from my side) was to deliever a real underground-production on 7" for a fair price, each version with its own specials - related to the band! I simply can't understand the rising prices for 7" records lately (speaking about 8-12€ for a copy?! Not even mentioning the expensive wholesale prices I got offered last year), which all were made just "quickly" and simply said: boring as fukk with trend-oriented designs for gay-ass "collectors"... this split was made for all die hard maniacs, who remember, defend and still breath the real underground spirit, so play it at MAXIMUM VOLUME!!! It's not about high sales nor about big money... only the underground is real!!!


-27. December 2021-


I'm proud to announce the new eternal pact of Destruktion Records with the brazilian legend "HOLOCAUSTO (War Metal)" for exclusive european Tape-Versions of all upcoming albums by this mighty horde from now on! The first tape-release will be the new album "Batismo de Fogo", which became a real warmonger of chaos and brutality!!!

A special Die Hard-Edition will be available as well... more info coming soon!




-23. December 2020-


DR056 NECROCARNATION - Fragments of Dark Eternity MC (Blackened Death/Doom, Argentina)
DR060 AVZHIA - In my Domains MC (Black Metal, Mexico)
...interested distros get in touch!

Upcoming releases:
Headkrusher - Opprobrium MC
Rosenfeld - Demo 1991 MC
Trupi Swad - W imię Diabła MC
Eurynomos - The Trilogy MC
Eurynomos - From the Valleys of Hades MC
Illum Adora - Infernum et Necromantium MC

The 'Funeral Nation/Vomit of Doom'-Split 7"EPs have finally arrived (after a brutal delay of several months due to the current worldwide situation) and the last preparations are in progress now, to unleash the beast at the mid-/end of january 2021. (packing up all sets, etc.)

Important: I've decided to stop the promotion on social-media platforms as I do not consider that 'area' as the right one to promote and find true supporters for the real underground metal legions. The amount of (show-off) posers, collector faggots and simply stupid people incl. their even more stupid questions (based on the fact of being unable to read more than just 2 words) just got too high lately,... and everything I do with my label wasn't meant to be for such losers and traitors! Nonetheless the page will remain "visible" to avoid misunderstandings of a possible "inactivity" or whatever shit. The majority and actual main news can be found only from this distro-page now or by direct contact. Fukk the modern times and support the Underground!!!