Iron Hammer - #5 Fanzine

Iron Hammer - #5 Fanzine

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The latest issue of this killer Underground-fanzine "IRON HAMMER!!

Now printed in A4-size with a great layout as usual and even more killer and interesting "in depth"-interviews with:

Varathron, Domains, Abyssous/Heretic, Aggressa, Ravencult, Ghast, Scythian, Tunium, Vulcano, Supplicium, Offence, Morbid Funeral, Convent Guilt, Of Crwaling Shadows Recs., Propoved/Odmetnik Recs., Anaboth, Paganfire, Lord of Pagathorn, Bells of Acheron 'zine... + tons of Underground Metal Record Reviews + Live reports!

Support real print-zines, fukk E-Blogs and E-Zines and such modern crap!!!

*Highly recommended*

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