Metal Obsession Fanzine - #24

Metal Obsession Fanzine - #24

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Metal Obsession strikes again!!!
The 24th issue comes on 80 A4-sized pages feat. nice interviews with:

-Seasons of the Wolf
-Crystal Viper
-Metal Bash
-Phoenix Reign
-Iron Pegasus Recs. (!!!)
-The Hellboys
...and tons of reviews, specials about vinyl and more!!

Unfortunately the Metal Obsession zine had to stop due to personal problems of the editors... but at least you have the chance, to get your hands on some copies of this well known german fanzine now! Although I'm personally not a fan of any of these bands of this issue here, I have to confess that I still read all interviews with a special feeling,  as this zine (same as Streetcleaner or Eisenblatt) got a very special aura, which I only felt with "older" fanzines from that pre-2010 era... as everything was truely written by honest maniacs, which is the most important and bigest difference to all the major zines!

Support the fanzine madness!!!

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