Ancient Spirit Terror Fanzine - #5

Ancient Spirit Terror Fanzine - #5

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The long awaited return of the legendary ANCIENT SPIRIT TERROR Zine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the wait has been definitely worth it! What you see is what you fukkin get: The ultimate overdose of lethal ancient metal! Just take a look at the chosen bands... no trendy lame bullshit, as literally all other bigger "fake" extreme metal zines and especially major-zine promote, FUKK OFF!!!

Written by my loyal comrade "Vasili", this zine is the closest you can get to the old ancient spirit of the true metal underground! Honest and truely long and interesting interviews have been done with the following bands:

-Master's Hammer
-Thulsa Doom
-Absymal Grief
-Fiat Nox
-... and a few selected reviews!!!

The layout of this zine was held simple and classic 90s, elegant but underground as fukk!!! Old feelings are coming back... definitely next to "Macabre Overdose" two of the best new fanzine issues of this year! Hail the ancient spirit!!!

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