Summon the Beast Fanzine - #1

Summon the Beast Fanzine - #1

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The purest form of an Underground Fanzine! SUMMON THE FUKKIN BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Traditional xeroxed, Cut'n'Paste Style on 68 pages of A4 size-paper war! This zine breathes the old spirit of the Underground, no superficial bullshit-questions, no pseudo-"philosophical" fukkery... this zine is so full of great interviews, it almost feels like an anniversary-issue haha... a killer Fanzine from the kingdom of siam, the way it should be done! Contains interviews with the majority of the truely best new bands of past 10 years:

-Minefield Torment
-Putrid Evocation
-Nuclear Warfare (thai)
-Incinerator (pol)
-Savage Deity
-Speed Command
-Slaughter Messiah
-Remains (mx)
-Lots of reviews of killer records (consider it as shopping-list!) and some pages with great and REAL underground labels/distros, who truely deserve your full attention and support!!! No Trendy-Rockstar bullshit!!!!!!!!!

Limited to 100 copies, only!!

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