Avzhia - Immense Dark Sky CD

Avzhia - Immense Dark Sky CD

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Another Black Metal Pioneer from the early days of traditional Black Metal is the mighty AVZHIA! Next to Ereshkigal and Xibalba, Avzhia have awaken the eerie black flames and spirits of the underworld with its creations! True medieval black art!!! "Immense Dark Sky" marks the very first sign of life, the very first demo which originally already got released in 1994 (not 1995!) and by that, been far ahead of most other black metal hordes of that time, who shall follow the same medieval sound a few later on, as well!

Highly recommended for fans of early Emperor and Mayhem, Burzum, Ereshkigal, Graveland, Moonblood etc...

CD-Version by Bellphegot Recs.

***Mexico Import***


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