Bunker66/Whipstriker - 7"Split EP

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...and the second Split-EP Attack of the mighty BUNKER66!!!!!!!!
This time with brazils Doomsday Commando, the filthy Metalpunk Lord "WHIPSTRIKER"! Propably a split, which many have waited for and nobody expected to happen these day though! But here it is and the fukkin wait was absolutely worth! Expect nothing less but heavy, coffin-breaking hymns of the mighty Bunker66 in it best shape with 2 other new tracks, while also Whipstriker delievers the apokalyptic sound of the final days on two rotten hymns!! Both bands share the same attitude and devotion towards the underground - never whimped out - never surrendered! Support!!! Last but not least: The sound of both bands here (worth to be mentioned) has its own remarkable signatures and were not produced by all th same one guy X and Y... this ain't music from the shit-factory... that's pure power from the bloodline of loyal spirits of the Underground!!!

Killer black waxxx vinyl release by Ripping Storm Recs.

***Italy Import***


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