Celtic Frost - Monotheist Tape

Celtic Frost - Monotheist Tape

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Masters of darkness and evil!!! The legendary (yes, legendary!!!) re-union/final album by Celtic Frost from 2006! This is actually one of the very few albums by an 80s band which was written after 2000 and still got me hooked and impressed till death!!! Many refer the path, which CF took on this album as the direction which Tom G Warrior followed up with later on with Triptykon...but well, although I like both bands, "Monotheist" sounds way heavier, dark and simply more evil due to the one and only essential pillar, which is missing in Triptykon: Martin Eric Ain!!! A dark, mystical but powerfull album!!!

Thanks to Darkness Shall Rise Prod., this masterpiece got re-released on noble tape-format now!!!


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