Rest in Pain Fanzine - #2

Rest in Pain Fanzine - #2

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The second issue of the mighty REST IN PAIN Zine from Poland!!! As usual, every single page within this zine was hand-written and painted(!!!!), absolutely insane work!!! The interviews are long and detailed, same as the reviews etc... and everything's hand-written and painted, even the logos of each band - this is, what I call true dedication and REAL Maniac-spirit till death!!! Very long(!!!!) Interviews were done with:

-Profanity Angel
-Mortis Dei
-Iron Hammer Zine (Jeff!!!)
-Aries Vehemens/Rotten Age
-Freezing Blood and more...
-Also this issue contains a Bulgarian Metal Report, Zine-Reviews, selected record-reviews and more surprises!!

All in all this issue is truely one of a kind - I've never seen something like this before and those of you who already bought issue #3 previously, will know what to expect from issue #2 then!!! This zine is another great example of the variety within the print-zine underground and another strike against your modern bullshit!!! Your online shit-zines can't keep up with this masterpiece of a zine! SUPPORT! Only printed is real!!!

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