Cthulhu Fanzine - #8

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Back from the dead, the mighty Cthulhu-Editor Hel(l)son simply never rests and just finished his work for the 8th issue in just a few weeks... this guy is absolutely dedicated!!! Truely one of the very last real die hard-maniacs within this modernized world of lazy posers!!! So watch and learn... check out these killer interviews, which are mainly focused on south american-metal legends:

-Atomic Aggressor
-Parabellum (La Bruja!)
-Black Fire
-Checker Patrol
-Dorsal Atlantica
-Cova... also reviews and other killer stuff!!!

Pacts have been sealed for the official distribution of "Cthulhu Fanzine" here through Destruktion Records!!!
The first run will be limited to 50 copies, pro-printed!!! Support the true Underground Madness and never surrender! Fukk the modern times... keep the old spirit alive or die!!! Eternal hail to Cthulhu Fanzine!!! Only printed is real!

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