Disgorge - Chronic Corpora Infest CD

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The ultimate Death Metal/Goregrind masters from mexico since 1994!!!!
"Chronic Corpora Infest" became the true meaning of absolute brutality and nothing that came after it will ever be able to beat this level of pure, brutal aggression! This is real sick stuff from 1997, for me even their best album ever! The deadly lethal creations of Disgorge are truely one of a kind and uncomparable with all the fake "goregrind" bullshit fun-clown suckers of today! It's still a fukkin shame, that Disgorge is somehow still a little "unknown", while tons of assclowns have grown with nothing but shit through the years...!!! THIS IS THE REAL STUFF!!!! ...and don't you dare to complain about the sick cover or you'll end up the same way! No critics accepted for this masterpiece of a legendary album, whether on the cover nor the mighty compositions!!!! (fukk censorship!)

Official CD-Version by the legendary AMERICAN LINE PROD.!!!! Total Support!!!

***Mexico Import***


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