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Intense Death-Doom Darkness from Poland!!!
Mystical and drowning, sinister melodies with a neckbreaking heaviness. Unlike nowadays boring slowed-down "doom/death-doom", this shit takes you straight back to the origins of real heavy darkness in the vein of old Paradise Lost, Argentum, Noctis Invocat, early Katatonia... highly recommended record, which truely deserved it to be resurrected again on CD!! This record contains the complete "It..." Demo from 1994 (and although it might be "just a demo", the sound is extremely good while still raw enough to grant it the needed hard edge of heaviness!!) and also includes a nice interview in the booklet and three bonus-tracks ("Funeral Vision" rehearsal 1990; "Immortal" live 1992; "Eternal" - Paradise Lost Cover)!!!

There's only one track, which is really fukked up because of a really shitty "spoken part" at the beginning... (guess which one it is, I'm waiting...) besides of it, the album is truely killer!!!!

Official CD-Version by Thrashing Madness Prod., the one and only who made the best CD-Resurrections of polish secret metal gems so far!!! Hail!!

***Poland Import***


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