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Unleashed under the sign of Destruktion: Vengeance of Hell!!!!

A raging compilation of 21 forces from the international underground... Total Deathrash, Black-Thrash, Thrash & Speed Metal Assault to let your ears bleed! No "cult" or "trend"-bands, just pure madness!!!!! 90min of total violence!!!!

-Boundless Chaos (Ger)
-Corpsehammer (Swe/Chi)
-Eyaculator (Ecu)
-Mystic Storm (Ru)
-Night's Blood (Ger)
-Nuclear Warfare (Tha)
-Fornication (Can)
-Sphinx (Ger)
-Headkrusher (Idn)
-Municion (Arg)
-Prediction (Aus)
-Unholy Night (Ru)
-Perverse Rites (Per)
-Krucificadores (Cro)
-Holocausto War Metal (Bra)
-Nekkromaniac (Ger)
-Maligno (Ger)
-Hellcrash (Ita)
-Sexmag (Pol)
-Zaghan (Mex)
-Vendul (Ger)

This compilation-tape has been created to support the troops of the underground!!! It's not about money or whatever and the whole tape is a pure DIY-release, home-dubbed on old tapes with xeroxed fold-out cover and band-contacts/photos!!! The price of 2,50€ was set to cover the productioncosts, only. No pro-tape or "collectors-shit" at all... this one is dedicated to all those, who never surrendered and kept the infernal flames of the real underground pure and burning strong!!!

(Interested distros get in touch for free master-files!!!)

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