Cthulhu Fanzine - #15

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Arghhh Cthulhu, Cthulhu, Cthulhu!!!!!
The most hardworking and dedicated Underground Fanzine of Brazil by the mighty Helson presents its already 15th(!) issue... this guy is fast as lightning and still never reduced the quality of his interviews and content!!! The typical and unique trademarks of Editor Helsons Interviews are gleaming with pride and strength in this issue once again*! With rather short but precise interviews, he made it to gain the true essence of each band once again without getting lost in unnecessary off-topic stuff... you'll get the right feeling and can catch the spirit of each band while reading through these sick pages (excellent job my friend!!!!!!!).

Interview bands of this issue are:
-Anima Damnata
-Disgrace and Terror
-Druid Lord
-Torture Rack
-Vincent Crowley

No Reviews, No Reports... just pure interview madness - and those were made with pure metal spirit!!!

32 Pages of xeroxed A4 paper propaganda!!! As I have the chance to print each issue myself again at home instead of making a big order at any print-company, the other missing issues will follow piece by piece the next days, too so watch out! Further, I can still keep the price low for it, cause this zine was not written for money... this is the true fire of the Metal Underground!!!!!

ONLY PRINTED IS REAL!!! If you keep on reading your shit "online", same as you listen to your stupid tracks on bandcamp, you shallend up deaf AND blind hopefully soon... (brainded, too!) - SUPPORT THE REAL UNDERGROUND and keep the old traditions alive, as these are the pillars on which everything was built on to keep the real spirit alive!!!

*This is something that truely has to be highlighted! Why? Cause there's nothing about a fanzine that I hate more than an uninspired, copying and boring and simply "not-existing" own writing/interview-style!!! Or as Shitangel said "Gain some originality, ya fags!!!"

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