The Legend of Kansai Hardcore - Book (Softcover)

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A sick and simply killer book about the japanese hardcore-terrortories from Kansai with tons of killer interviews, stories and maaany old and rare photos (full-coloured)!!! Featured bands: ZOUO, S.O.B., OUTO, RAPES, WARHEAD, NIGHTMARE, MOBS, Charmy & Pon (LAUGHIN’ NOSE, NASHI) and more... this book dives deeply into the history and especially the writing style (fukkin honest and real!!) makes it a real pusher! First day I received them, I was immediately possessed when saw the first photos inside and even more when I started to read somewhere in the middle... highly recommended for all fans of jap-core!!!

This book has been previously published in japanese only... now this sick fukker has finally been translated into english, so don't wait too long and rather grab it fast!!! The price is a little more expensive, I know... but that was caused due to a higher wholesale price, but the label definitely got its reasons for it (F.O.A.D. Recs. never disappoints and ALWAYS offered FAIR prices! And that's what I mean... FAIR is the point, I don't want cheap nor expensive shit, I want fair prices!) and all the work behind this book (also the production itself) was done with a lot of care, so I dare to say that the price is definitely - absolutely - totally WORTH IT!!!!

Official Publication by F.O.A.D. Records!!!

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