Old Coffin Fanzine - #2

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"POSERS DON'T TOUCH ME!" (Old Coffin Zine #2)

Second coming... second crucifixion!!!
IsaaCoffin has returned from filthy tombs of the rotten underground with the long-awaited second issue of his OLD COFFIN ZINE!!! 60 Pages of total dedication and madness, that feature a lot of interesting interviews with killer hordes from the past and present (instead of "always the same"-ones!!!):

-Ancient Crypts
-Cadaveric Incubator
-Celestial Conjuration
-Medieval Demon
-Old Coven
... also contains tons of extra articles like an "italian occult metal special (1969 - 99), old demo-section, reviews etc...!!!

You see, the wait has been worth it and I can assure you, that IsaaCoffin has his very own writing/question-style, which is 1) one of the most important pillars of a real fanzine and 2) he's honest and totally devoted to the ancient metal cult, so this is NO CHEAP POSER-PAPER HERE!!! SUPPORT THE REAL UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE AND KEEP THE OLD TRADITIONS ALIVE!!! Fanzines for total metal worship and madness... and not your stupid ego-trips! THE OLD COFFIN WILL HAUNT YOU ALL!!!!

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