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Morbid and obscure (metal-)punk from the US, no hell of an idea how this hellnoise shall be "defined as", but who cares anyway?! The Passing are delievering a massive heavy hammer-strike of blackened punk and metal, like a mix of some Midnight stuff with some crust-/D-Beat influences, which truely makes the difference here (don't be fooled by the pretty much "nothing-nothing?" cover at all... the real danger hides beyond... on the damn cassette, yes!)!!! Each track grabs you straight and criminally tight at your damn nutsack! Highly recommended for all those, who are (same as me) getting extremely tired and bored of all the same copy-of-a-copy band... this is the high-energy shit!!!

Official Tape-Version by Caligari Recs.

***US Import***


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