Amon - Kniha Smrti/Realm of Evil Demos 2-MC Tape Set incl. Stickers

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Obscure Black Metal from the czech Underground!!!
Resurrected by the mighty LIFE ETERNAL PROD. (one of the very few REAL and truely dedicated Underground Labels these days), the two obscure demos of the czech Black Metal Sorcerers have finally returned!!! This stuff is different than your average shit, primitive and straight back to the very early days of darkness! Personally, the second demo Kniha Smrti is my favorite one of them, nonetheless both are killer and unique in their own way! Dark and mystical nails it pretty much, and that's meant in the most traditional way - not speaking about the "perfectly polished cheesy" stuff that you're used to know these days... this is a real piece of east-european underground black metal history and especially east-bloc fanatics shouldn't miss on this one!!! (I've only 2 copies available...)

At this point I have to shout out a lot of respect and admiration to Thomas and Life Eternal Prod. for the creativity behind the packaging!!! This ain't no cheap factory-made cardsleeve, this shit's been handcrafted and even fukkin painted!!!!!!!! (Take a closer look on the pic, arghhh!) It doesn't get any more real than that, ok?! Further, the tapes were held in a more simple way with label-stickers which transfer perfectly the real feeling of a Demo-tape and in order to understand this satanic force, this move was definitely a clever one!!! Further, this set contains 2 stickers, too and a nice booklet with lots of rare old photos!!! KILLER Release and 100% made with fukkin passion for the true evil spirit!!!

Official Release by Life Eternal Prod in collaboration with Atomic Vision Prod.


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