Black Grail - Demo 2021

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"Black Grail is a surrealistic and simbolic vision of Ultra-Hardcore-Black Metal"!!!!!!!
I guess, that describes everything damn to the point!!! Sick chilean Black Metal Madness, which is absolutely not comparable with the clichee-drunk bullshit, which everybody tries to copy in the most "northern" style these days... Black Grail have created their own remarkable sound and style, while still remaining true to the roots of real Black Metal Damnation, and the description above (once again) fukkin nails it... only the brave ones dare!!!

Hands off, if you're not familiar with mystical sound and spirit of Black Grail!!!!!!!! Don't act like a gay-ass collector fagg!!! Buy it only, if you're truely interested in the black matter of the mighty Black Grail!!!

This is the newest Demo, which contains 3 new tracks!!! Special Thanks to Thomas of Life Eternal Prod. for the copies! Forever Underground!!! Fukk off Trendies!!!

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