Bestial Desecration Fanzine - #6

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After two years of bloody work, the sixth issue of the Bestial Desecration Fanzine has finally been finished!!!
Ten bands have been chosen for the interviews this time and all of them got answered brutally honest and detailed as fukk in their very own ways:

-Perverse Rites (Peru)
-Holocausto War Metal (Brazil)
-Armagh (Poland)
-Cathartic (Mexico)
-Shitangel (US)
-Corpse Hammer (Sweden/Chile)
-Trupi Swad (Poland)
-Witchnight (Argentina)
-Supremative (Spain)
-Special Interview (Part 1): KRUIZ (Russia)
-Several Reviews, Biographies and lots of Underground Propaganda!!!

The Kruiz Interview was held with Val Gaina during a several hours-lasting video-call in which we've talked about the early days and evolution of "Young Voices" to "Kruiz", struggles with the government and the life in general under a communist regime, etc... (this conversation became very personal and extremely long, so this issue will contain the first part of it - while the second part will follow with the next one!)

As this issue marks already the sixth strike, and also due to massive support which all the die hard maniacs have shown towards this fanzine and all the other killer underground fanzines out there during the last 2 years, I've decided to add some more free stuff to this issue in order to support the real underground forces even stronger as well!!! (Stickers & Poster)

Two different versions are available again...

01.) REGULAR-Version (lim. 300 copies):

-Bestial Desecration Zine #6
-"Kruiz" Bonus Zine
-"Corpse Hammer" Poster
-Three Stickers

02.) DIE HARD (lim. 100 copies):

-Bestial Desecration Zine #6
-"Kruiz" Bonus Zine
-"Kruiz" Promo-Tape*
-"Kruiz" Metal-Pin
-"Corpse Hammer" Poster
-Three Stickers

*The tape-covers are special handcrafted "scratch off"-covers... destroy the iron curtain, to see the truth behind!!!


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