Agonic Death - Under the Mark of the Devil CD

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Killer Death/Thrash Tormentor from the chilean Underground!!!!
Merciless and straight between the eyes!!! This is the real shit of 200%, no damn compromise at all!!! Let the fools hang around with their bullshit poser bands at youtube and shit - Agonic Death is REAL UNDERGROUND KILLER!!!  Sick ass Artwork, raw and sick sound, sick and heavy hymns of blasphemy and torment... SICK AS FUKK!!!! 

Featuring AGONIZER of Cancerbero and VOMIT!!! If you still have any more doubts about this killer horde, you must be a fukkin deaf cocksucker!!! Anti-Rainbow Society, Anti-Trend!!!! TRUE UNDERGROUND METAL TO THE BLOODY BONES!!!!

Official CD-Version by Dark Recollections Recs.
***Mexico Import***

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