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Arghhhhhhh sick underground metal zine from peruvian hell and damn, this one is huge!! 
Speaking about 118 pages in A4-size (printed in full-colour, ok?!?!?! arghhh) and completely written in SPANISH! This sick issue is already number #5 and contains brutally tons of interviews, which are not too long but still informative and interesting, same as the whole zine in general which I highly recommend for everyone, who's able to read spanish (do not buy the zine just for your "collection"!). Just to name a few of the interviews which are inside this brutal zine:

-Perverse Rites
-Carnal Tomb
-Idle Ruin
-Disguised Malignance
-Spectral  Souls
-After Earth and literally a thousand more... also more than 300(!!!!) reviews... fukk!!!! And 2(!!!!!!!!!!!) Bonus CDs, which are special promo-samplers of this issue with in total 35 tracks of 35 different bands from the worldwide underground, so prepare your fukkin anus!!!! ONLY PRINTED IS REAL!!! True dedication reflects through the work and such is always worth it to be printed for eternity... if it's not printed, it's not been worth it, so it's unnecessary crap!!!! SUPPORT THE REAL UNDERGROUND OR FUKK OFF!!!!!

***Peru Import***

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