Temple of Satanic Warlord Fanzine - #5

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Issue #5 of the german underground black metal fanzine "The Temple of Satanic Warlord" (completely written in german)!!! In contrary to another certain fanzine from Italy, T.T.o.s.W. remained loyal to the metal cult, while still gathering all those hordes which the editor considered to be worth it for being checked out more in detail, without holding back with any questions and most of all without abusing his zine for any political faggot ideologies or childish provocation. This zine is not part of the modern, rainbow world, therefore also not chained to its new bullshit rules! Only Black Metal!!!!!!!! The Interviews of this issue were made with:

-Forsaken Legions
-Amen Corner
-Carpathian Wolves
-Frosted Undergrowth
-Shores of Ladon
-Diabolical Fullmoon
-Also contains a detailed live-report "Schwarzmetall über'm Miriquidi" and several very honest reviews!!

This issue contains a bonus-CD as well again, with tracks of every interviewed band incl. intro/outro!!

As you can see, this issue is even more filled with news and promo than the previous one, which demonstrated strongly the ongrowing lust and mayhemic power of truely dedicated underground maniacs! Don't tell me ever again that the glory times are over... true spirit never dies! Underground reigns supreme!!! Support real fanzines, write your own fanzines and keep the cult alive by passioned acts, not empty words of faggs!!!

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