Bestial Noise Fanzine - #6

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Arghhhhh the newest issue of BESTIAL NOISE from Chile is finally out now!!!
This insane edition of total cut'n'paste madness on 58x A4 pages(!!!) contains no unused space at all... total radical metal extremism blasts through every page here, which contains sick interviews with the real raw deal from the radical Underground legions...

-Witchcraft (Fin)
-Apocryphal Revelation
-Pacto Amen
-Medieval Demon
-Expulsed Angel
-Temple of Evil
...and many more!!! Also lots of reviews of total UG killers!!!
Further, there's also a fukkin interesting special article on several pages about the history of "ULTRA METAL" with many photos and stuff and seriously, if there's someone by whom I've always wanted to read such an article, then it is a fukkin die hard-maniac like Hector!!! Only Underground Radicalists understood and know the cult! FUKK THE MAJOR PRESS POSER ZINES!!!!

When reading or simply seeing such a killer zine with so many killer bands inside, which are ALL without a doubt fukkin great and truely devoted, YOU should ask yourself why you're still buying poser-mags with all the same (nowadays) boring "80s" bands at your mom's supermarket bookstore?!?!?! SUPPORT REAL UNDERGROUND, AS METAL IS UNDERGROUND... AND UNDERGROUND IS METAL!!!

Thanks to Maniac-editor "Hector", I've been able to print and distribute some copies of his insane zine as DIY-version (expensive shipping-costs and all kinds of Covid-restrictions made it extremely difficult to get shit these days, therefore I rather support home-printed/xeroxed DIY-versions to keep the prices low, while the content remains the same, of course!).

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