The Temple of Satanic Warlord Fanzine - #6

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The newest issue of "Temple of Satanic Warlord" delievers once again an excellent issue, that is totally dedicated to the radical black metal ideology and force! 100% anti-trend and therefore even more radically devoted to the old traditions and spirit, this zine offers great interviews with bands, you won't see everywhere due to the nowadays fukked up mentality of hypocrisy and falseness!

Interviews were done with:
-Vampyric Tyrant
-Funeral Fullmoon
-In Morte Sumus
-Morbid Winds

Also contains several reviews and other stuff!! (COMPLETELY WRITTEN IN GERMAN!)

I am totally against politics in metal, be it left or right, both is shit!! Nonetheless, I don't see any problems in interviews by other zines with such bands (their zines, their decisions, so what?) and this will for sure never hold me back, to support killer underground zines like this one, as the whole content of this zine was quite interesting!... if you're not totally stupid, you'll still be able to read an interview without being immediately "influenced" in one way or another, huh?! and if yes, then it's YOU that's something wrong with!!! Free speech for everyone, fukk censorship!! Make your own opinions and deal with it!

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