Midas Touch - A first Touch Tape

Midas Touch - A first Touch Tape

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A new Traditional Heavy Metal Band, risen from the ashes of Storm Warning, the heart and soul (Andi & Freddi) continued with a new band (and new great members, too!) to defend the legacy of traditional Heavy Metal!!

"A first Touch" is, as the name says, the first demo which contains 2 new tracks in the vein of traditional Heavy Metal with a strong influence of the early NWoBHM atmosphere, more rooted in that "Hard Rocking-sector" (check out that sound and guitar-picking style!killer!!!), this is indeed a killer Demo, not as over-produced with 1000000-effects or crap that every new band uses nowdays to cover their mistakes... MIDAS TOUCH sounds real, honest and HEAVY as fukk!! Rock Hard - Ride Free!!!

So... if you're tired of all the same-sounding "wanna be 'retro' lame-ass-dressed-up-like-faggs-because-somebody-told-them-it-was-cool-in-the-80s" Bands, GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS ON THIS DEMO-TAPE AND HAIL THE GLORY FROM THE PAST, RE-AWAKENED IN FRESH BLOOD!! Heavy Metal Victory!!




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