Nargaroth - Herbstleyd CD

Nargaroth - Herbstleyd CD

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There have many things been said and done by/against Nargaroth, which were propably not the best for name of this band, but nevertheless (and besides of the fact, that I really don't give a big fat fukk about all the gossipmongers and "meme-creators" in Black Metal) "Herbstleyd" will remain an oustanding and excellent record of the real german Black Metal-scene and history and definitely the best album of Nargaroth to this day. Before judging the entire band by stupid stories which were spreaded through the damn internet, better get your hands on a copy of this album first and you'll see what I mean! "Herbstleyd" is an excellent Black Metal album in its most traditional form!!!

Official CD-Version by No Colours Recs.!


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