Profane Order - Tightened Noose of Sanctimony CD

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The sickest Black/Death-Warmongers of the new dark millenium!!!
PROFANE ORDER is NOT another shitty copy of the mighty Blasphemy, but rather a fukkin heavy force of absolute war metal brutality!!! Crossing the paths of early Carnage/Dismember even to up the heavy breakers of Sodom's Tapping the Vein, Profane Order created the heaviest and most aggressive sound of radical metal supremacy which gave the whole thing an even more intense power, stronger connected with traditional metal while still marching the full war metal path - if you don't follow the true Profane Order, you're a fukkin weak fagg!!!!

This CD contains the "Tightened Noose of Sanctimony" EP + "Marked by Malice" Demo!

Official CD-Version by Krucyator Productions!!!

***France Import***


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