Tough Riffs - Zine #4

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TOUGH RIFFS Fanzine delievers in their 4th issue a high overdose of absolute Death Metal killers from the past and present, printed on 52 filthy pages, with a killer artwork by the one and only MARK RIDDICK!

Interviews with:

Autopsy, Immolation, Obituary, Undergang, Wombbath, Ceremony, Putrid Pile, Beheaded, Acrostichon, Brodequin, Carnal Tomb, Rude, Church of Disgust, Skeletal Remains... + DEICIDE-SPECIAL: "Remembering The Legion"!!!!

Traditional Fanzines are NOT DEAD YET! Support the true printed-propaganda Madness and FUKK OFF MODERN TRENDY GAY-TIMES!!! Never kneel to the weak and false!!

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